Simple Present Tense ( Affirmative Sentences) - Hindi To English Translation

Simple Present Tense ( Affirmative Sentences) के वाक्यों मे काम का होना...

Daily use Idioms And Phrases With Hindi Meaning

1. छुटकारा पाना - Get ride of
Don't ask what all I had to do to get rid of...

Correct Use of "can" and "could"

Can - शक्ति, क्षमता और योग्यता व्यक्त करने...

Everyday phrases used in Spoken English

1. Anything Else – और कुछ
2. That’s enough – बस, रहने दो

Common mistake in use of for and since for Time

1. We use "for" to indicate period of time - for + period : a "period" is a duration of time - for five...

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