How to express fault and positive idea or praise in English

1. While confessing a fault (or expressing a negative idea) the sequence of the personal pronouns should...

Difference between 'except' and 'except for' in terms of their usage

EXCEPT FOR means “with the exception of” or “excluding.”

We all ate meat except for...

Correct Use of had (Negative Sentences) in spoken and written English

भूतकाल में possession/ ownership या सम्बन्ध बताने के...

How to use " Don’t feel " in written and spoken English

'don't' (do not) को feel के साथ जोड़कर आप बता सकते है कि...

गर्मी बताने वाले वाक्यांश - Part 2

मुझे पसीना आ रहा है। - I am perspiring.
बहुत धूल है।...

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