How to ask someone to repeat

I am sorry, I didn’t quite catch that?
क्षमा करें, मैं समझ नहीं...

Difference between MISTAKE, FAULT, BLUNDER and ERROR

Mistake (गलती/ गलती करना) - Daily situation में use होने वाला...

Nouns having diffrent meaning in singular and in plural

a. Advice = counsel,
advices = information
b. Air = atmosphere,
airs = proud
c. Authority...

How to say sorry - PART 1

1. Apologizing for small mistakes : गलतियों के लिए sorry बोलना बहुत...

Rule associated with ‘BUT’, ‘EXCEPT’, ‘BETWEEN’ and ‘LET’

After ‘BUT’, ‘EXCEPT’, ‘BETWEEN’ and ‘LET’ the pronoun is used in objective case, whereas...

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