Difference between Simple Prepositions and Compound Prepositions

1. Words that are used to describe space, time & location & determining the relation between nouns &...

Use of little, a little, the little

1. ‘Little’ means ‘hardly any’. Ex :
There is little hope of his recovery. (Incorrect)

Correct use of ‘UNLESS’ and ‘Until’

‘UNLESS’ expresses a condition, It is always used in the negative sense. Thus ‘NOT’ is never

TIPS related use of ‘everybody’ ‘everyone’, ‘anybody’, and ‘each’

While using ‘everybody’ ‘everyone’, ‘anybody’, and ‘each’ the pronoun of the masculine...

Rules for Changing Singular Nouns into Plural Nouns Part 2

Rule 1 : Some nouns have the same singular and plural forms. Then how do we distinguish between singular...

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