Rules for Changing Singular Nouns into Plural Nouns Part 1

Rule 1 : If the singular name of the noun ends with s, ss, sh, ch, x, or z, then an ‘es‘ has to be...

Common Error TIPS : When a pronoun stands for a collective noun

When a pronoun stands for a collective noun, it must be in the singular number and in the neuter gender...

How to use ‘WHICH’ in spoken and written English

(a) For infants, small animals and objects.
Ex.- This is the baby which was lost in the theatre.

अपने विषय में बताये

I'm - 'I AM' (मैं हूँ) का short form है। यह अपने आप के बारे...

Difference Between Award & Reward

The award is always associated with something good. Award is used as both noun and verb
As a noun...

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