Rules To Solve Sentence Corrections Part 2

Rule 3: The collective noun takes a plural verb when not used as a single unit.

Rules To Solve Sentence Corrections Part 1

Rule 1: The articles a/an or the are not used with words such as (kind of, sort of, type of, etc)

Siblings, Cousins, and Siblings-in-Law Relationship PART 1

Brother भाई
Elder Brother भैया, भइया, बड़ा भाई
Younger Brother छोटा...

वाक्यांशों को अंग्रेज़ी में सीखें

बुरी आदतें शुरू में ही रोक देनी चाहिए।...

सम्बन्ध जो हमारे जन्म के साथ बनाते हैं ; Relationship by birth PART 2

Grandfather नाना / दादा
Grandmother नानी /दादी
Son’s Son (Grandson)...

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