Article Rules for the definite article ‘The’ Part 2

Rule 1 – ‘The’ is used for geographical points on the globe.
Example: The north pole and the...

Article Rules for the definite article ‘The’ - PART 1

Rule 1 – The very basic rule of the article says that the article ‘the’ is used before a singular...

Parts of speech in English Grammar

There are eight parts of speech namely:
1) Noun (संज्ञा) - ex : pen, dog, work, music,...

Differance between Rein Vs Rain

Rein - Can be a noun and verb
As a noun – a long narrow strap fastened to a horse to control and...

सम्बन्ध जो हमारे जन्म के साथ बनाते हैं ; Relationship by birth PART 1

Mother माँ / माता /
Father पिता
Brother भाई
Sister बहन

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