YouTube announces changes in its terms of services


YouTube has announced changes in its terms of services, which confer the company the right to monetise all content on its platform by placing advertisements along with its videos from channels that are not covered by its partner programme. From June onwards, content created by those...

Job loss bodes ill for economy


Rising unemployment including among the salaried class and shrinking real incomes have led to a lack of demand that bodes ill for the economy. Unemployment rose to 8% in April, from 6.5% in March. The labour participation rate (LPR) was 40% in April, according to the private economic...

Arctic fires are a threat to climate


The warming Arctic tundra will make it harder for the world to curb climate change, as thawing permafrost and wildfires release greenhouse gases that are not fully accounted for in global emissions agreements. As temperatures rise and permafrost thaws, carbon dioxide and methane trapped...

Harley-Davidson's shares hit 3-year high


Harley-Davidson Inc's shares soared to their highest level in over three years after the European Union decided to suspend a planned increase in retaliatory tariffs on its motorcycles as part of a partial trade truce with the United States. The EU had threatened to double the tariffs...

Bitcoin and amazon helped investor to become a billionaire


Once known for beating the S&P 500 index for 15 years as a fund manager of Legg Mason Value Trust and then losing about 90% of his net worth during the 2008-09 financial crisis due to his bet on stocks like Bear Stearns and AIG, American investor Bill Miller has managed to make a...

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