Original IDs mandatory for bank transactions above ₹50,000


To prevent the use of forged photocopies, Government has made it mandatory for banks and financial institutions to check the original identification documents of individuals dealing in cash above the prescribed threshold of ₹50,000. This step aims to combat money laundering and generation...

Compared to last year, Delhi's air quality was better after Diwali


Unlike last year, Delhi's Air Quality Index plunged from 'severe' to 'very poor' category. Even though the relentless burning of firecrackers continued till the wee hours in certain parts of the capital, this time Diwali festivities were much cleaner. An analysis conducted by the Centre...

Modi ensured to revive Kedarpuri's old glory


While addressing the people in Kedarnath on Friday, PM Narendra Modi said, "I was destined to undertake the reconstruction of the Kedarpuri and I urge other states and corporate groups to pitch-in to help Uttarakhand restore the fabled shrine town to its old glory". He ensured that there...

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