BJP government in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh


After a long electoral battle, the BJP finally emerged as a winner. Apart from winning the Gujarat Assembly elections for the sixth time consecutively, BJP also wrested power from Congress in HP with an almost two-thirds majority. Despite the victory, after getting a cut-throat competition...

Furore continues on the second day of Winter session


The second day of the winter session of Parliament was started, but due to the ongoing furore over PM Narendra Modi's remarks, both Rajyasabh and Lok Sabha were adjourned. The opposition is demanding that either the PM should apologize to Manmohan Singh for alleging that he spoke to...

My role is now to retire: Sonia Gandhi


At the occasion of Rahul Gandhi's elevation, Sonia Gandhi ended her 19-year-long tenure as the Congress president and passed the mantle to her son. When asked about her role in the party hereafter, she told reporters, "my role now is to retire." She congratulated Rahul Gandi and voiced...

Uproar on the first day of the winter session


Contrary to the PM's expectations, the first day of Parliament's winter session was full of uproar and unrest. PM Modi's remarks on Manmohan Singh and cancellation of Sharad Yadav's Rajyasabha membership were vehemently opposed, as a result of which the house proceedings were repeatedly...

Shashi Tharoor's English vocabulary went viral again


While ironically trying to justify his choice of glossary, Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor used a unique word 'rodomontade' in his tweet. As expected, his tweet soon went viral and #rodomontade started trending on the twitter. People began to take notice of Tharoor's extensive vocabulary...

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