Former ISRO chief U.R. Rao passed away

Former ISRO chief U.R. Rao passed away

eminent space scientists and former ISRO chief, U.R. Rao passed away at around 2:30 this morning. Known for his expertise, he played an epochal role in the launch of India’s first satellite Aryabhata. He was the first Indian space scientist to be inducted into the prestigious 'Satellite Hall of Fame' in Washington DC. He was conferred the Padma Vibhushan in January 2017. 

प्रख्यात अंतरिक्ष वैज्ञानिक और इसरो के पूर्व प्रमुख, यू.आर. राव का आज सुबह लगभग 2:30 बजे निधन हो गया। अपनी विशेषज्ञता के लिए ज्ञात, उन्होंने भारत के पहले उपग्रह आर्यभट्ट के प्रक्षेपण में एक अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई। वह वॉशिंगटन डीसी में प्रतिष्ठित 'सैटेलाइट हॉल ऑफ़ फेम' में शामिल होने वाले पहले भारतीय अंतरिक्ष वैज्ञानिक थे। जनवरी 2017 में उन्हें पद्म विभूषण प्रदान किया गया था।

Key Learnings

  • Verb : conferred //कन्फर्ड// [प्रदान करना]

    Definition: To give an official title, honour, or advantage to someone
    Synonyms: Bestow. Endow, Present, Endue
    Antonym: Deprive, Take, Dishonor, Refuse

  • Adjective : eminent //एमिनन्ट// [प्रख्यात]

    Definition: Famous or respected in a particular field or profession
    Synonyms: Prominent, Renowned, Distinguished, Famous
    Antonym: Inferior, Ignoble, Unsung, Lowly

  • Definition: Of high importance
    Synonyms: Significant, Momentous, Iconic
    Antonym: Insignificant, Vague, Unworthy

  • Noun : expertise //एक्स्पर्टीज़// [विशेषज्ञता]

    Definition: A high level of knowledge or skill
    Synonyms: Prowess, Dexterity, Proficiency, Competence
    Antonym: Ineptitude, Folly, Incapability, Foolishness

  • Verb : inducted //इन्डक्टिड// [शामिल करना]

    Definition: To admit (someone) formally to a position or organization
    Synonyms: Include, Associate, Instate, Enshrine
    Antonym: Terminate, Exclude, Expel, Reject

  • Adjective : prestigious //प्रेस्टिजस// [प्रतिष्ठित]

    Definition: Very much respected and admired
    Synonyms: Esteemed, Acclaimed, Reputable, Illustrous
    Antonym: Frivolous, Obscure, Unimportant



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