LeT leader Abu Dujana killed in an encounter

LeT leader Abu Dujana killed in an encounter

In an encounter at the tiny hamlet near Kashmir's Pulwama district, LeT commander Abu Dujana was killed after the security forces cordoned him. Dujana was recruited  as the Lashkar chief of South Kashmir after the killing of predecessor Abu Qasim in 2015. Reportedly, a jilted girlfriend of Dujana tipped-off the police about his presence in the village.

कश्मीर के पुलवामा जिले के निकट एक छोटे से गांव में हुई एक मुठभेड़ में, सुरक्षा बलों द्वारा घेरे जाने के बाद, लश्कर का कमांडर अबु दुजाना मारा गया। 2015 में पूर्वाधिकारी अबु कासिम की हत्या के बाद दुजाना को दक्षिण कश्मीर के लश्कर प्रमुख के रूप में नियुक्त किया गया था। कथित तौर पर, दुजाना की एक ठुकराई हुई प्रेमिका ने उसकी गांव में उपस्थिति के बारे में पुलिस को आगाह किया।

Key Learnings

  • Verb : cordoned //कॉर्डन्ड// [घेर लेना]

    Definition: To prevent access to or from (an area or building) by surrounding it with police or other guards
    Synonyms: Enclose, Surround, Isolate, Seclude
    Antonym: Liberate, Release, Discharge

  • Noun : hamlet //हैम्लिट// [छोटा गांव]

    Definition: A small settlement, generally one smaller than a village
    Synonyms: Settlement, Townlet, Pueblo, Thorp
    Antonym: City, Town, Metropolis, Borough

  • Adjective : jilted //जिल्टिड// [ठुकराया हुआ]

    Definition: Abruptly and unkindly rejected (lover)
    Synonyms: Abandoned, Forsaken, Ditched, Blackballed
    Antonym: Loved, Cherished, Embraced, Accepted

  • Noun : predecessor //प्रेडिसेसर// [पूर्वाधिकारी]

    Definition: Someone who had a job or a position before the current holder
    Synonyms: Precursor, Forerunner, Antecedent
    Antonym: Successor, Descendant, Follower, Replacement

  • Verb : tipped-off //टिप्ड ऑफ// [आगाह करना]

    Definition: To give a warning or to share a secret piece of information
    Synonyms: Alert, Caution, Previse, Notify
    Antonym: Betray, Conceal



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