Pranab Mukherjee demitted President office today

Pranab Mukherjee demitted President office today

Closing another chapter in his legacy, veteran politician and the 13th President of India, Pranab Mukherjee demitted his post today. Addressing a farewell function held in the Central Hall of Parliament, Mukherjee described himself as "humble servant" of people. He said, "With a sense of gratitude and a prayer in my heart, I take leave of you."

अपनी विरासत में एक और अध्याय को बंद करते हुए, भारत के 13 वें राष्ट्रपति व दिग्गज राजनेता प्रणव मुखर्जी ने आज अपने राष्ट्रपति पद का त्याग कर दिया। संसद के सेंट्रल हॉल में आयोजित एक विदाई समारोह को संबोधित करते हुए मुखर्जी ने खुद को जनता का "विनम्र सेवक" बताया। उन्होंने कहा, "मेरे दिल में आभार और प्रार्थना की भावना के साथ, मैं आपसे विदा लेता हूं।"

Key Learnings

  • Verb : demitted //डिमिटिड// [पदत्याग करना]

    Definition: To resign from a job or position by telling your employer that you are leaving
    Synonyms: Resign, Relinquish, Abdicate, Renounce
    Antonym: Occupy, Claim, Assert, Retain

  • Noun : gratitude //ग्रैटिटूड// [आभार]

    Definition: The quality of being thankful
    Synonyms: Appreciation, Acknowledgement, Indebtedness, Recognition
    Antonym: Thanklessness, Ungratefulness, Censure, Condemnation

  • Adjective : humble //हम्बल// [विनम्र]

    Definition: Showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance
    Synonyms: Modest, Meek, Coy, Submissive
    Antonym: Proud, Boastful, Arrogant, Insolent

  • Noun : legacy //लैगसी// [विरासत]

    Definition: Something that is a part of your history
    Synonyms: Heritage, Lineage, Throwback, Atavism
    Antonym: Modern, Trend, New, Forfeiture

  • Noun : veteran //वैटरन// [दिग्गज]

    Definition: A person who has had long experience in a particular field
    Synonyms: Expert, Professional, Master, Old hand
    Antonym: Amateur, Learner, Novice, Beginner



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