Vijender offers to return his title

Vijender offers to return his title

Vijender Singh, who outshined his Chinese opponent Zulpikar Maimaitiali in a close bout on Saturday, has offered to return his 'WBO Oriental Super Middleweight title in lieu of peace at the Indo-China border. By urging for peace, Vijender's stature has grown further. This was his ninth successive win in his professional career.

शनिवार को हुए करीबी मुकाबले में अपने चीनी प्रतिद्वंद्वी जुल्पीकर ममैताली को मात करने वाले विजेंदर सिंह ने भारत-चीन सीमा पर शांति के बदले अपने 'डब्ल्यूबीओ ओरिएंटल सुपर मिडलवेट' शीर्षक को वापस करने की पेशकश की है।शांति के लिए आग्रह करने से विजेंदर की प्रतिष्ठा में और वृद्धि हो गयी है। यह उनके पेशेवर कैरियर में लगातार नौवीं जीत थी।

Key Learnings

  • Noun : bout //बाउट// [मुकाबला]

    Definition: A boxing or a wrestling match
    Synonyms: Competition, Fight, Stint
    Antonym: Truce, Concord

  • Noun : lieu //ल्यू// [बदले में]

    Definition: In exchange of (something)
    Synonyms: Instead, Emplacement

  • Verb : out-shined //आउट-शाइन्ड// [मात करना]

    Definition: To defeat someone by being much more skilfull and talented
    Synonyms: Surpass, Excel, Outdo, Exceed
    Antonym: Dawdle, Follow, Lose

  • Noun : stature //स्टैचर// [प्रतिष्ठा]

    Definition: The good reputation a person or organization has, based on their behaviour and ability
    Synonyms: Prestige, Dignity, Status
    Antonym: Unimportance, Insignificance

  • Adjective : successive //सक्सेसिव// [लगातार]

    Definition: Happening one after the other without any break
    Synonyms: Continual, Subsequent, Sequential
    Antonym: Preceding, Alternating



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